How Much Does a Foundation Inspection Cost in Topeka?

July 28, 2021

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If you’ve been putting off a needed foundation inspection in Topeka, now is the time to call a foundation repair contractor! Regular inspections alert you to developing damage so you can schedule needed repairs before cracks, chips, and spalling get more extensive and costlier to fix.

On average, a homeowner might expect to pay between $200 and $400 for a foundation inspection in Topeka. If this seems a bit steep, you might note some added advantages of regular inspections as well as what happens if you put off needed foundation repair, so you make the best decisions for your home’s overall maintenance.

Why Invest in Foundation Inspections in Topeka

cracks in the foundation of a Topeka home

Regular foundation inspections for Topeka properties are an excellent investment and can mean lower foundation repair and maintenance costs over time. Consider why that is so you know all the reasons you should be scheduling regular foundation inspections for your home!

  • A foundation inspection spots developing cracks so a contractor can fill them in quickly, keeping those cracks from growing and getting wider and deeper.
  • Inspections also spot water damage along foundation concrete, including spalling and signs of foundation concrete weakening. Addressing the cause of that damage with waterproofing services or a French drain helps protect foundation concrete from future damage.
  • A foundation repair contractor can also note if your property needs better grading or even a retainer wall, to direct moisture away from the home.
  • Inspections can also tell you if the home’s foundation is in good condition! You can then rest assured that you only need to maintain waterproofing solutions or crawlspace encapsulation to keep that foundation in good repair for the next few years.

Note, too, that a foundation inspector can tell you how soon you should schedule repairs so you can either budget accordingly, or put off other expenses in order to be able to afford needed foundation fixes!

When Do You Need a Foundation Inspection in Topeka?

damages to foundation requiring foundation inspection in Topeka

Homeowners should schedule a foundation inspection every year for the first 3 to 5 years after new construction, to ensure foundation concrete is curing as it should. After those first 5 years, consider an inspection every 2 to 3 years, so you know the foundation stays in good repair.

A homeowner should also note signs of potential foundation damage and schedule an inspection if you notice these issues inside or outside your home:

  • Interior and exterior wall or ceiling cracks
  • Doors and windows that start sticking
  • Doors that swing open on their own
  • Door and window locks that don’t operate properly or that you need to force open or closed
  • Uneven or sloping surfaces such as shelves or countertops
  • Buckled floors or floor tiles that pull away from the surface underneath
  • Roof cracks
  • Water leaks and damaged plumbing pipes and connectors
  • Structural wood rot, mold growth, damp and musty lower levels or basements

While these issues might have other causes, it’s vital that you at least rule out foundation issues as the cause. You can then address needed fixes and reduce the risk of those issues reappearing in the home.

Scheduling Foundation Repairs is ESSENTIAL!

foundation repair Topeka

While a foundation inspection in Topeka and needed repairs might seem costly, remember that these expenses are an investment in your home’s overall condition! Putting off needed foundation repair only allows cracks and other damage to get worse so that you’ll end up paying more once you schedule needed fixes.

Foundation cracks also let in moisture that can lead to structural wood rot and mold growth, both of which are also costly to address! Those cracks can let in insects and pests that are then drawn to moisture in the home, so you might see an expensive, unpleasant termite, carpenter ant, or rodent infestations if you put off needed foundation fixes.

Basement walls can also begin to bow and might even collapse, leading to even costlier damage and the risk of injury to anyone in the vicinity. Strapping those bowing basement walls can mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair bills, which will also get higher the longer you ignore those issues!

A damaged foundation can also affect your home’s overall values! While you might not be considering putting your home on the market anytime soon, scheduling needed foundation repairs now can ensure that the foundation is in good condition if you do decide to sell.

Higher home values can also mean more equity in the property and being eligible for valuable home equity loans or lines of credit. For all these reasons, consider scheduling foundation repair at the first sign of damage!

Topeka Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is happy to provide this information to our readers and hopefully you found it helpful. If you need to schedule a foundation inspection, call our trusted Topeka foundation repair contractors. We offer expert services and guaranteed results. To find out more, give us a call today!

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