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The experts at Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing aim to save residential and commercial customers save money by providing concrete foundation repair in Topeka and fixing them immediately. The longer you wait to repair foundation problems, the more costly it becomes. So, if you have noticed issues with your foundation, no matter how small they seem, it's a good idea to call us out to take a look at it.

Some signs of foundation problems include musty smells, cracks in the foundation, problems opening windows, doors, and cabinets in your home, and water pooling in your basement or crawl space. If you see such problems, you should definitely call us right away. But we'll let you in on a secret. The best way to minimize expensive foundation problems is to establish routine annual inspections. This will allow us to spot small problems and fix them before they develop into bigger ones.

For 20 years, we have provided services to customers in Topeka and the surrounding areas of Lawrence, Manhattan, Ottawa, Tonganoxie, and Emporia. We consistently receive top ratings for providing great customer service and excellent workmanship to improve customers' foundations. Our team provides a variety of foundation repairs including poly and mudjacking, pier repair, waterproofing, and crawl space encapsulation.

Don't let foundation problems get out of hand. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get your FREE estimate on one of our outstanding concrete slab foundation repair services in Topeka.

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Why You Should Fix Foundation Cracks As Quickly As Possible

When you notice home foundation cracks, this doesn't always mean that something is seriously wrong with your foundation. Cracks that form a step pattern or those that are greater than one-eighth inches could indicate that your foundation could be in jeopardy. Whether you are seeing hairline cracks or huge gaps, it is a good idea to have us come out and inspect your foundation. Fixing foundation problems as early as possible can minimize foundation repairs of thousands of dollars. It can also prevent costly problems with other parts of your home including floors sinking and issues with your walls or roof. 

Let's stop foundation cracks in their tracks now. Contact one of our highly skilled foundation experts to check out the cracks in your foundation and provide you with a FREE estimate on repairs. 

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Don't Let Shifting Soil Damage Your Concrete Slab Foundation

Shifting soil can wreak havoc on homes and business foundations in Topeka. Expanding soils can create pressure on your foundation that lifts it upward. Soil may also experience erosion, washing soil away from underneath your foundation and causing it to sink. Expansion or erosion can cause serious damage to your foundation, including collapse.

Besides shifting soils, other problems causing your soil to move may be related to improper drainage or leaks in the slab foundation of your home. These problems not only put your foundation at risk but could lead to other expensive issues with the structure of your home.

Don't let foundation problems lead to other expensive problems with your home! Contact us today to schedule a foundation inspection and get a FREE quote on concrete foundation repair. 

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Get Concrete Foundation Repair For Your Driveway and Garage Floor

Unsightly cracks in your garage floor and driveway can bring down the value of your home. Cracks in your driveway can also hurt your curb appeal. Besides this, cracks in your garage floor and driveway could indicate that you have serious foundation problems developing. Some cracks may be cosmetic which can be an easy fix for foundation repair experts. However, other cracks may be more serious, allowing water to build up around your foundation and creating hydrostatic pressure on the foundation of your home. For simple fixes, our foundation repair team can fill in cracks with epoxy. For much more complex cracks, we may use mudjacking or polyjacking to remove cracks from the surface. 

If you are concerned about the cracks in your driveway or garage, contact us to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on concrete foundation crack repair in Topeka. 



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Foundation Repair Services Available in Topeka

Concrete foundation repair in Topeka is one of our most critical services. But we offer other equally important foundation services to protect the foundation of your home. The experts at Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing provide waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation for residential and commercial customers in Topeka. To learn more about how we can help and get a FREE quote on our spectacular foundation repair services, contact us today!

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Trust the foundation specialists in Topeka to repair your foundation or crawl space. We offer a 100% satisfaction gaurantee for all customer. Check out our client reviews or Call us at (785) 367-2277!
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