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Some homeowners believe that foundation inspections in Topeka are only performed when purchasing a home or when significant problems arise.  However, foundation inspections should be done regularly after purchasing your home as a means of preventative maintenance.  Foundations should be inspected at least twice a year to minimize costly repairs.  It would be best not to wait until the sign of major damage to address foundation issues. Of all the problems that a home may have, foundation issues can be detrimental. Not only could it be costly, but it could also be injurious to your family if the foundation collapses.  Of course, foundation collapse is the worst-case scenario, and we would like to protect you before your foundation problems become this dire. 

Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing has been serving the Topeka area and nearby areas of Lawrence, Manhattan, Ottawa, Tonganoxie, and Emporia for 20 years. Our clients trust our services, and we consistently receive top ratings for our work.  Our experienced technicians care about your family’s safety and go the extra mile to ensure that your foundation is structurally sound.

Contact one of our experts now to take a closer look at your foundation to make sure that you are safe and secure. We can provide you with a FREE foundation inspection today!

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The Benefits of Having Foundation Inspection Completed in Topeka

Why is it important to have your home's foundation inspected regularly?  The weather or natural disasters can cause the foundation to develop problems that may seem insignificant to the untrained eye. What looks like a tiny hole could turn out to be the reason why the basement or crawl space is flooding in your home.  We pride ourselves on making sure that homes and buildings in Topeka and the surrounding area are sturdy and safe.  The strong foundation of a home is a strong foundation of a family.  Our friendly, dependable service technicians perform work to the highest standards because we want your family to be secure. No one should have to worry about their home's foundation collapsing underneath them due to unchecked foundation problems.  Aside from the danger that a faulty foundation poses to your family, regular foundation inspections in Topeka will keep you from having to pay costly repairs. Whether you plan to remain in your home or sell it, costly foundation repair bills can cause headaches. 

Please don’t wait until significant foundation problems arise to contact us. Call now to get your free estimate so that we can get to work on inspecting your foundation and implementing necessary repairs today!

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Why You Need Our Foundation Specialists Help ASAP!

Family is important to us. After serving Topeka's residents and the surrounding areas for 20 years, we see the relief that our foundation services bring to our clients. We aim to keep your family, your investment, and even your pets safe and sound. Unfortunately, some homeowners wait until they see the most obvious signs of foundation problems such as significant cracks, shifting in the foundation, flooding, unpleasant odors, and problems with doors and windows sticking. This will require costly repairs to fix these significant problems.

Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing can handle your foundation repair issues, but why wait until problems become unbearable to call us?  Instead, call us now, and we will set up routine foundation inspection visits to ensure that you never have to worry about these issues.  Contact our foundation experts today!

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What Do Foundation Technicians Look For During the Inspection?

Not all foundation inspection companies are the same.  Some may look at cracks and patch them up but not address deeper issues that may be evident within the home’s structure.  After 20 years of experience observing just about every type of foundation problem in Topeka and the surrounding area, we can assure you that we are not in the business of patching things up.  We like to get to the root of the problems with your foundation so that when you call us to come out in the future, it will be for routine maintenance, not to address the same issues over and over again.  Our foundation technicians inspect for the following:

  • Cracks in the foundation and the direction of the cracks
  • Large gaps in the cracks in the foundation
  • Standing puddles of water near the foundation or in the basement or crawl space
  • Broken or improperly working sump pumps
  • Mold and fungus growth in the crawl space
  • Wood rot or other materials which may be damp or wet
  • Unleveled floors, doors, and windows that are difficult to close

If we perform a home foundation inspection and see these significant problems, we will need to act right away to protect your home's structural integrity.  You don’t have to wait until things get bad to start getting routine foundation inspections in Topeka.  Call us now, and we can begin protecting you from the most costly repair issues!



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Additional Foundation Inspection + Repair Services Available

Foundation issues arise in the blink of an eye sometimes. When you require emergency foundation repair services in Topeka, you need a team of foundation specialists that you can truly trust. Our team offers services to keep your home's structural integrity in check including waterproofing, crawl space repair, and commercial foundation services!

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Trust the foundation specialists in Topeka to repair your foundation or crawl space. We offer a 100% satisfaction gaurantee for all customer. Check out our client reviews or Call us at (785) 367-2277!
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