How Our Foundation Repair Methods In Topeka Work

What Makes Our Foundation Repair Methods in Topeka Unique

Our Quick and Easy Process Gets You Back On Solid, Dry Ground

Our foundation repair methods in Topeka are critical to properly repairing the foundation of your home. Of all the problems you can have with your home, issues with your foundation can be the most challenging. This is because many other structures within your house depend on the foundation. So, when the foundation fails, it affects other parts of your home's structure. For instance, if your home is experiencing movement underneath the foundation due to changes in the soil, you may notice that your doors and windows may not open properly. You may also sense that the floors of your home are uneven as you walk across them.

Other foundation issues you may have include moisture problems in your basement or crawl space, which could destroy your home's wood or steel surfaces. They may even lead to flooding or mold issues which could become toxic.

The contractors at Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing inspect your foundation, discover the source of your problem, and work quickly to fix your foundation problems. If you are experiencing foundation issues, contact us right away to schedule an inspection and get a free quote on foundation repair in Topeka. Also, don't forget to check out our blog.

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4-Step Process

Process For Our Foundation Repair Methods in Topeka

In a short time, you will be back on solid ground!
Step 1


We start all of our jobs with a detailed inspection. Our contractors will check for cracks, drainage issues, and stress points that may be the root cause of flooding or other problems with your foundation. Once we discover and evaluate all foundation problems, we provide you with a written estimate of the costs and the timeline to fix the issues. 
Step 2


After preparing the estimate, we will discuss with you the significant problems that need fixing. Then, we work with you to discuss the best, most cost-effective solution, address any of your concerns, and cover your financing options. In addition, we may schedule a good day for us to come back and begin work on your foundation.
Step 3


Upon reaching an agreement about the repairs you want us to make on your foundation, we order parts if necessary and return on the scheduled date to start work on your foundation. Some foundation repairs may take a few hours, while others may take a few days.
Step 4


Upon completing the work, one of our expert engineers examines the foundation to ensure that contractors completed the job and did it correctly. After the final inspection, you will receive a warranty on the job.


See what our customers have to say:
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"Topeka Foundation Repair Specialists were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They certainly exceeded our expectations, walking us through the inspection and foundation repair recommendations. Definitely recommend!"
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Crack Repair

Some cracks that appear in your home may not be a significant concern. However, to be sure that you are not dealing with the onslaught of a major structural issue that could get worse and even more costly to fix, it is a good idea to contact our contractors to take a look at the cracks in your walls or foundation and provide the best solution for them.


Concrete is a very durable material. However, as the concrete dries, it becomes more porous, allowing water and moisture to seep into your home. Over time, the original waterproofing material on your foundation may have worn. We can use our waterproofing methods to eliminate moisture problems in your basement or crawl space.

House Leveling

Soil expansion, tree roots, and soil erosion can all cause your home's foundation to start to shift. As a result, parts of the foundation to be uneven. This can cause problems in the interior of your home with your windows and doors. Our company can inspect your foundation and determine the best way to get your home back on even ground.

Topeka Foundation Repair Keeps Your Home on Level Ground!

Trust the foundation specialists in Topeka to repair your foundation or crawl space. We offer a 100% satisfaction gaurantee for all customer. Check out our client reviews or Call us at (785) 367-2277!
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