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About Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Topeka

Water is one of the most critical resources on the planet. But unfortunately, it can be one of the most destructive forces when it comes to homes. Moisture and houses don't mix, especially when it comes to foundations. This is why the Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing experts strive to keep your foundation as moisture-free as possible. For 20 years, we have fixed commercial and residential foundations. We fix properties using foundation repair techniques such as house leveling, crawl space encapsulation, and pier and beam foundation repair in Topeka.

If you live in Topeka or neighboring cities and need foundation repair, contact us right away to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on our services.

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Why You Need Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Topeka

Have you walked across the floor and experienced vertigo in your home? You may not be hallucinating. In fact, this may be one of the signs that your foundation could be at risk. Whether you have an older house or a new build, foundation problems can arise from shifting soil, deteriorating piers, or bad construction. As a result, you may notice uneven floors, cracks forming in the floors or walls, and even problems with your windows and doors. If you see any of these problems developing in your home, it is time to call out the experts.

Our foundation contractors provide various types of foundation repair. One of them that we specialize in is pier and beam foundation repair. If your house has a crawl space, chances are you have a pier and beam foundation. Depending on when your home was built, you may have cedar piers or cinder blocks holding your home's foundation in place. Over time, cedar may rot from moisture or be attacked by wood-loving pests. In addition, cinder blocks may shift or break. As a result, either of these types of piers may fail, causing extensive damage to your home's foundation.

Don't panic. We can fix your foundation problems, big or small, and get you back on firm ground. Call us today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on pier and beam foundation repair in Topeka.

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Don't Risk Total Collapse of Your Home's Foundation

If you see cracks forming on your floors or walls, you should never assume that it isn't a big deal. Sometimes these cracks may be cosmetic, or they could be the start of something that could put your entire foundation in jeopardy. Fixing these issues when they aren't severe will save you tons of money. However, if you put it off, you could be building up a serious foundation and financial problem for yourself.

Call on the experts at Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing when you notice cracks that seem to arise out of nowhere. One of our contractors will come out and assess the gaps and determine the best course of action. In best-case scenarios, the contractor may suggest that you fill the cracks with epoxy. In worst-case scenarios, the contractor may recommend a foundation repair such as pier and beam foundation repair.

Don't ignore cracks in your foundation! Doing so can lead to huge repair issues and substantial repair bills. Instead, contact us today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on foundation repair in Topeka. To learn more about foundation issues, take a look at our informative foundation blog.

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Common Problems With Pier and Beam Foundations 

Pier and beam foundation is a beneficial foundation structure type. If there are ever any problems with pipes typically located underneath your home, these foundation structures make it easy to get under the house and resolve the issues. With basement or slab foundations, they may require extensive destruction of your foundation to get to the pipes to fix the problem. While this structure is very helpful, it can also cause problems. Here are some of the common issues that occur with pier and beam foundation homes:

  • Collapse
  • Shim failure
  • Decaying beams
  • Mold and mildew
  • Cracking beams
  • Poor construction
  • Shifting beams

Problems with your piers and beams could lead to significant costly foundation issues. Your best defense against faulty piers and beams would be regular foundation inspections. We suggest at least twice a year to ensure that weather conditions haven't created significant issues with the soil that could affect your foundation. Call us today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on foundation repairs!



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Other Foundation Services Available in Topeka

Not all foundation problems are severe. But only a trained expert can determine this. While some cracking may seem harmless, it may be the start of significant foundation trouble, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. If our contractors fix the issues as soon as they arise, you may pay substantially less and avoid severe damage to other parts of your home. Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing is ready to help you will all your foundation repair needs in Topeka and neighboring areas. We offer a variety of repairs, including crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation, slab foundation repair, and more. Call us today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE estimate.

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