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Get Foundation Repair in Lawrence To Keep Your Foundation Intact

Tremors can strike these parts of Kansas at any time due to the nearby fault line. So it is quite possible that your house could experience foundation problems as a result. But many foundation problems in Lawrence may not involve tremors.

Sometimes shifts in the soil in the local area could be to blame. Or perhaps the building contractor didn't build your home or business on the proper foundation in the first place. Fortunately, the experts at Topeka Foundation Repair and Waterproofing can help fix any foundation problem you may experience, whether it's flooding, cracking, or instability. We get to the heart of your situation and fix it using our state-of-the-art foundation repair techniques.

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"Topeka Foundation Repair Specialists were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They certainly exceeded our expectations, walking us through the inspection and foundation repair recommendations. Definitely recommend!"
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Keep Your House Level With Our House Leveling Services

Have you noticed zigzag shapes with huge gaps in your basement walls or foundation? This could be a sign that something serious is wrong with your foundation. And if you have also noticed that your doors and windows are giving you trouble when opening and closing them, this could be another indicator.

These problems with your foundation and issues within your house could indicate that your house is shifting due to the soil underneath your home. As a result, some or all of your foundation moves with it.

In worst-case scenarios, your house could collapse. However, our team of experts can come and diagnose the problem and provide one of our house leveling solutions to prevent the worst from happening.

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Our Lawrence Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Inspection

After scheduling a foundation inspection in Lawrence, we come out to your house and search your foundation for potential problems such as cracks in the walls, water, and issues with opening doors and windows. These are usually indicators of foundation problems we need to address.


If we discover that your foundation problem relates to moisture issues, we may suggest that you get our top-rated waterproofing service. Applying one of our special sealants or a vapor barrier will keep moisture from entering your basement or crawl space and prevent mold growth.

Foundation Repair

Many problems can arise with your foundation. Luckily, our skilled contractors get to the heart of your foundation problems by diagnosing the problem quickly and offering the best solution to keep your home safe and level. Call for home foundation repair in Lawrence, Kansas today!
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Why Choose Our Foundation Services

Knowledgeable Contractors

Look no further than our expert contractors when you need a foundation repair in Lawrence. Our business has operated in Lawrence and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our licensed and insured contractors provide the best solutions to your foundation problems, big or small. Call today for a FREE inspection and learn why we are one of the most trusted foundation experts in the area.

Affordable Services

As with most home repairs, we understand that they happen at the most inopportune time. While some foundation repairs could be as low as a few hundred dollars, others could be several thousand. This is why we offer affordable solutions to get your foundation repaired promptly. Invest in your home with residential foundation repair services in Lawrence today! Don't wait on foundation issues.

Free Estimates

Upon determining what is causing foundation cracks in your foundation or what is creating moisture problems in your basement or crawl space, we provide you with a no-obligation, written estimate. It will detail what we need to do to resolve the issue, break down the costs involved, and provide an overall price for our services. Get an estimate for foundation crack repair today!
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Topeka Foundation Repair Keeps Your Home on Level Ground!

Trust the foundation specialists in Topeka to repair your foundation or crawl space. We offer a 100% satisfaction gaurantee for all customer. Check out our client reviews or Call us at (785) 367-2277!
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