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You may wonder, "what is slab jacking in Topeka?" It is a way for us to repair a damaged foundation typically caused by soil erosion underneath the foundation. Unfortunately, the compacted earth beneath the home isn't always stable.

Depending on the soil under your home, such as clay, loamy, or silt, your home foundation is subject to shifting. As the soil moves upward or downward, this could push your home's foundation up or down, resulting in foundation cracks. Slab jacking allows us to move the foundation back in its place by drilling a hole and pumping it with a cement mixture.

If your foundation, walkway, or garage needs slab jacking Topeka, our experts can help. Call Topeka Foundation Repair today for an inspection and a FREE quote.

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Benefits of Getting Mud Jacking In Topeka

Many things can go wrong with the foundation of your home. Problems with the foundation are usually apparent when cracks form. Some of the cracks in your foundation's floor may not be severe. However, they still may need attention from a foundation expert.

One of our foundation contractors may discover that your foundation repair isn't as minor as filling in cracks with epoxy. Nor is it severe as performing pier and beam foundation repair. But it does need moderate modifications, such as mud jacking and Topeka. Here are some reasons slab jacking is an excellent choice for foundation repair.

  • It's relatively quick and inexpensive to fix a minor foundation problem.
  • You won't have to wait long for the concrete to cure before resuming use.
  • This type of repair can last for several years.
  • We can perform such repairs in any weather.

We can't resolve not all foundation problems with slab jacking. However, our contractors can determine whether or not you're foundation can use slab jacking foundation repair. Call today to get your FREE quote.

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Stop Tripping With Slab Jacking

If the soil is shifting underneath your home, chances are that you may see cracks forming on your pathways or the foundation of your home. If these cracks form on pathways such as your walkways or driveways, these areas could become trip hazards for you or your guests. In addition, shifting soil can crack the foundation and push a section of it upward or downward. This unevenness can cause injuries.

Have you or your guests snagged their shoes on protruding portions of your foundation, putting them at risk of falling? Don't risk liability! Instead, call our expert foundation repair pros to learn more about house leveling services and get a free estimate on slab jacking in Topeka.

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We Provide World Class House Leveling Services in Topeka

Whether you need slab jacking repair in Topeka or one of our other stellar foundation repair services, you can count on us to provide five-star quality service. Our contractors are highly skilled, trained, and licensed to perform foundation repairs in Topeka and surrounding areas. We work quickly to remedy any foundation problems and restore comfort within your home. So, if you want peace of mind, call today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote on this cost-effective foundation repair in Topeka. Also, don't forget to check out our foundation blog. 



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Our Other Skilled Foundation Repair Services Available

Does your crawl space wreak with a peculiar odor? Or are there pools of water forming at the base of it? Then you may need our crawl space encapsulation service. This isn't the only 5-star quality foundation repair service we offer. Additionally, we perform housel leveling, basement foundation repair, waterproofing, and pier and beam foundation repair. We also install French drains and sump pumps. So if you need foundation services, whether you're a residential or commercial customer, count on our foundation services to deliver!

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Trust the foundation specialists in Topeka to repair your foundation or crawl space. We offer a 100% satisfaction gaurantee for all customer. Check out our client reviews or Call us at (785) 367-2277!
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